Charmed Forever 2

Piper V Holly


Born:  August 7, 1973 

Place of birth: San Francisco, California.

Parents: Piper is the second child to Patricia Halliwell and Victor Bennett.

Family:Despite being kept apart a lot during the eight years on Charmed, Piper and Leo still found time to have their two sons, Chris and Wyatt. During a flash-forward in 'Forever Charmed', we saw that the magical pair added a third child to their family, daughter, Melinda.

Relationships:Piper and Leo are Charmed's very own Romeo and Juliet. Meeting in season one, they didn't have the easiest of starts to their relationship as they were constantly battling the Elders and every demon who dared to step foot into San Francisco. At last they were given permission to be married and after a couple of disastrous attempts, the loved-up pair exchanged vows in frount of their nearest and dearest.

Career:Piper's first love (well, maybe second, after Leo) is cooking. From the first episode we see Piper smiling over a hot stove. She was even cooking as she found her powers for the first time, using them to her own advantage as she froze her boss and added the remaining ingredient to her recipe, before he sampled it. She later went on to own her bar P3, and make it a hudge success, thanks to skills in the kitchen.

Likes: Leo; being a mum; cooking; haveing the final word!

Dislikes:Being turned into a wendigo; losing Leo; the Elders meddling in her relationship.



Born: December 3, 1973

Place of birth:San Diego, California.

Parents:Holly's parents split when she was very young and her actress mother moved her to New York with her musician step-farther. The cross-country move gave Holly the chance to follow in her mother's footsteps, as she attended the Professional children's School in prepatartion for her career in showbusiness. Holly talks about her childhood with amusement, 'I was the product of very young parents and their wild ways. My mother was in a punk band. Rebeelling would have been learning to play piano!'

Family: Holly has two boys, Finley and Riley. Holly says motherhood; 'as an actress and a person {motherhood} has completely broadened my horizons because i have such a deep level of empathy for everyone,'

Relationships: Just like Piper, Holly met her soul mate in the charmed universe. Holly has been happily married to fellow charmed veteran, David Donoho, since they met on set and married on Valentines day, 2004. Ahhh!

Career: From a very young age, Holly always knew she wanted to go into acting. Aspiring to be just like her mum, Holly took acting classes and got her first break in hit TV drama, Picket fences, in 1992. After eight years on charmed, Piper is finally taking some time off to look after her children. Hopefully it wont be too long, until she's back on our screens!

Friendships: Holly shed real tears when Shannen Doherty left the charmed set, as the two are very good friends. Despite  not working together anymore, Holly and Shannen are still pals and can often be seen going out for a stroll together.

Likes: Supporting good causes, like raising awareness for breast cancer charities; interior design - Holly blames her passion for house design on her rather nomadic childhood; Italian food; horse riding; - Holly has three horses!

Dislikes: Taking her boys for vaccinations; stage fright - she suffers terribly with it.